Use Git commits as work log

An easy way to see what you did last summer recently

What you do

This little command will show you what commits you did for the last 5 days. Good for many things, like when you need to register time on what code you've been working on.

git log --committer="your name" --since="5 days ago" --no-merges --pretty=format:"%<(20) %ar %s"

What you get

Outputs the following:

33 minutes ago       IU-6260: make sure og:image always have https in prod
2 hours ago          IU-6260: remove duplicate http/https
3 days ago           IU-7998: fix hit area
3 days ago           IU-7998: extend clickable area to whole div, give link pointer on hover
3 days ago           IU-9679: don't show latest login time for 30 s if user closed the notification
3 days ago           IU-9679: remove magic numbers